Dr. Dinesh Shah has received numerous teaching,research and service awards,including the UF Excellence in Teaching Award in 1972, The UF President's Scholar Award in 1975,the UF outstanding Service Award in 1976, The UF Teacher/Scholar of the year Award from 1984-85, and the UF President's Medallion for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship in 1985.In 1993 he was named as Distinguished Florida Academy of Sciences and in 1996 he was honored with First Charles A. Stokes Professorship at the University of Florida.

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  • Dr. Dinesh O. Shah Professorship in Surface Science

    Gator Chemical Engineers have been standing out among their peers for decades. From serving as integral team members in the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, to perfecting trans-dermal drug delivery, to being recognized as a part of a Nobel Peace Prize winning team, Gator ChE’s have found enormous success in countless endeavors. [Read_More...]

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  • Short Courses

    The following Intensive Short Courses (1 to 3days) were presented to various corporate R & D and technical staff membersby Professor Shah. [Read_More...]