Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh O. Shah

PhD., 1965, Columbia University (1970)


Interfacial phenomena in engineering and biomedical systems.

Molecular association in micelles, liquid crystals and microemulsions

Nanoparticles for superconductors and magnetic materials

Enzymic reactions at interfaces



Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering & Anesthesiology

Director Emeritus, Center for Surface Science & Engineering

(1984-2008), Professor Emeritus and First Charles Stokes Professor of Chemical Engineering and Anesthesiology,

Box 116005, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611 USA

Phone: (352) 392-0877 ; Mobile Phone (USA) :352-871-4993


Founding Director, (2008 – Present)

Shah-Schulman Centre for Surface Science and Nanotechnology,

Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, 387001 Gujarat, India

(Mobile Ph: 91-94290 62293)


Website of Dr.D.O.Shah’s Research Papers since 1965:

Research Interests

Current research interests include: monomolecular films, foams, wettability and contact angle, microemulsions, liquid crystals, enhanced oil recovery, combustion of coal dispersions in oils and aqueous media, surfactant-polymer interactions, lubrication and surface phenomena in magnetic media, preparation of nanoparticles using microemulsions, enhanced filtration of viruses and nanoparticles by surface modification of filters, enzymatic reactions in micellar, microemulsion and liquid-crystalline systems, surface phenomena in membranes, lungs, vision, transdermal drug delivery, and anesthesia; nanoparticles for detoxification of blood, Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology applications.

Educational Background

1965        Ph.D.       Biophysics, Columbia University, New York City, NY, USA

1961        MS           Biophysics, University of Bombay, India

1959        BS            Physics-Mathematics, University of Bombay, India

Professional Experience

2008-present        Founding Director, Shah-Schulman Center for Surface Scienceand Nanotechnology, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad,Gujarat, India

1996- 2008            The First Charles A. Stokes Professor of Chemical Engineering &Anesthesiology

1984- 2008            Director, Center for Surface Science and Engineering, University of Florida

1987-1991             Chairman, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida

1975-1996             Professor, University of Florida

1972-1975             Associate Professor, University of Florida

1970-1972             Assistant Professor, University of Florida

1968-1970             Research Associate, Columbia University

1967-1968             NRC-NASA Research Associate, NASA Ames Research Center, Exobiology Division, Moffett Field, CA

1965-1967             Research Associate, Columbia University

Consulting Services

Dr. Shah has been invited to more than sixty corporate research centers and has presented over 200 seminars at Corporate Research and Development Centers during the past 30 years. Dr. Shah has provided consulting services to the following corporations on a long-term basis (i.e. several years).

  • Alcoa, Inc. USA
  • Alcon Laboratories, Inc., USA
  • Ampex, Inc., USA
  • Barnes-Hind Pharmaceuticals, Inc., USA
  • Berol Kemi, Sweden
  • Kraft General Foods, Inc., USA
  • PPG, Inc., USA
  • Milliken Research Company, USA
  • Procter & Gamble Company, (USA, UK, Japan, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium)
  • Ricoh, Japan
  • Sun Oil Company, USA

Short Courses

The following Intensive Short Courses (1 to 3 days) were presented to various corporate R & D and technical staff members by Professor Shah.

  • Surface Chemistry in Petroleum Technology, (Sun Oil Company)
  • Surface Chemistry in Textile Technology, (Milliken Research, Inc.)
  • Surface Science in Food Technology, (Kraft General Foods Company)
  • Surface Science in Pharmaceutical Technology (Alcon laboratories, Inc.)
  • Surfactants: Principles and Technological Applications, (Eighteen times at UF Center for Surface Science and Engineering for R & D Staff from Industry, from 1984 to Present)
  • Foaming and Anti-Foaming: Surface Chemistry in Action!! (The Procter & Gamble Company, 10 times in USA and UK).


Dr. Shah has contributed 10 books, 15 patents, and has over 375 research papers in referred journals, monographs and books. Institute of Scientific Information, U.K. reported Dr. Shah among the top one percent of most frequently cited scientists in the world (1999).


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Dinesh O. Shah and Brij M. Moudgil, CRC Press, New York, pp: 1 – 407 (2009)

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  5. “Parab Tara Pani,” by D.O. Shah. A book of poems and songs written by D.O. Shah over the last twenty years. Published in August 1986 in Bombay, India. A concert was presented by prominent composers, musicians and singers based on 12 songs from this book in Bombay, India, on August 9, 1986.
  6. “Macro- and Microemulsions: Theory and Practice,” editor, D.O. Shah, ACS Symposium Series No. 272, pp. 1-502, 1985.
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Research Papers

Dr. Shah has published over 375 papers in scientific journals, monographs and books. The majority of Dr. Shah’s publications are on monolayers of lipids, microemulsions, nanoparticles, solid/liquid dispersions, enhanced oil recovery by surfactant-polymer flooding, artificial tears and contact lens solutions, foams and lubrication. Among these papers, Dr. Shah considers the following papers among his most significant.

Followings are the publications of Dr. Shah from 2008 to 2013.

  1. Validation of Low Cost Solid Liquid Contact Angle Instrument Using Drop Shape Image Processing Suitable For Surface Property Measurement, M. Thakker, R. Joshi, D.O. Shah, P. Shukla Int. J. Current Eng. Technol. Vol.3 (2013) 877-881(Imp. Factor =2.5)
  2. Green Chemistry and Nanotechnology: enhanced selectivity of formation of 2, 6- bis (benzylidne) cyclohexenone products versus 2- (benzylidene) cyclo hexanone by micellar catalysis ion aqueous solutions. M Vashishtha, M Mishra, Sachin Undre, M Singh, DO Shah, Springer- Procedings of the ICETCS 2013 (Accepted)
  3. “Study on the Catalytic properties of Silica Supported Copper Catalysts, M. Dixit, M Mishra, P A Joshi, D O Shah, Procedia Engineering 51, 467-472.” 2013
  4. Wettability measurement apparatus for porous materials using modified washburn method, M Thakker, V Karade, D O Shah, P Shukla, C Ghoroi, Measurement Science and Technology 24 (12), 125902. 2013
  5. A novel approach for selective cross aldol condensation using reusable NaOH- Cationic micellar systems, M Vashishtha, M Mishra, D O Shah, Applied Catalysis A: General 466, 38-44. 2013
  6. Controlling Wettability and Hydrophobicity of Organo Clays Modified with Quaternary Ammonium Surfactants, KJ Shah, MK Mishra, AD Shukla, T Imae, DO Shah, Journal of colloidal and interface 407, 493-499. 2013
  7. Clean borrowing hydrogen methodology using hydrotalcite supported copper catalyst, M Dixit, M Mishra, PA Joshi, DO Shah, Catalysis Communication 33, 80-83. 2013
  8. Physico-chemical and catalytic properties of Mg0Al hydrotalcite and Mg-Al mixed oxide supported copper catalyst, M Dixit, M Mshra, PA Joshi, DO Shah, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 19, 458-468
  9. Solvent Free N-Hetrocyclizstion of primary Amines to N-Substituted Azacyclopentanes using Hydeotalcite as Solid Base Catalyst, M Dixit, M Mishra, P A Joshi, D O Shah, Bulletin of the Korean chemical society 33 (5), 1457-1464. 2012

  1. Comparitive study on nano-crystalline titanium dioxide catalyzed photocatalytic degradation of aromatic carboxylic acids in aqueous medium, VG Gandhi, MK Mishra, MS Rao, A Kumar, PA Joshi, DO Shah, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 14, 331. 2011
  2. Sustained release of venlafaxine from venlafaxine-montmorillonite- polyvinylpyrrolidone composites, HA Patel, S Shah, DO Shah, PA Joshi, Applied Clay Science 51, 126. 2011
  3. Thromboelastographic and pharmacokinetic profiles of micro and macro- emusions of propofol in swine, TE Morey, JH Modell, JE Garcia, M Bewernitz, H Derendorf, M Varshney, DO Shah, Biopharmaceutics and drug dispotion 31, 269. 2010
  4. Influence of break up and reformation of micelles on surfactant diffusion in pure and mix micellar system, A Menjoge, MA James-Smith, D Shah, S Vasenkov, Microporous and Mesoporous materials 125, 85. 2009.
  5. QSPR study of the first and second critical micelle concentration of cationic surfactants, AR Katritzky, LM Pacureanu, SH Slavov, DA Dobchev, DO Shah, M Karelson, Computers and Chemical Engineering 33, 321. 2009
  6. Role of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide groups of pluronics in binding of fatty acid to pluronics in Microemulsions, MA James-Smith, D Shekhawat, S Cheung, BM Moudgil, DO Shah, J. Surfactant and detergents 11, 237, 2008


  1. Spearheaded a project to raise one million dollars to build an India Cultural and Education Center for Indian students at University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, USA. Dr. Shah led the project from initiation to completion during 1992 to 1998.
  2. Established an award for the best Ph.D. Thesis in Surface and Colloid Science in India since 2005 administered by IIChE with an endowment of Rupees 23 lacs for a permanent award.
  3. Established Shah-Schulman Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology at DDU, Nadiad as volunteer professor since 2008. This Center is uniquely created by the joint support of Government, Industry and University.
  4. Established Shah Annual Lecture at University of Florida by a prominent researcher to present a frontier of Surface Science lecture.
  5. Started a Gujarati Culture Program at University of Florida to educate the future generations about the contributions of Gujarat to India and to global community with an endowment of $ 100,000.
  6. The Co-Founder of Gujarati Sugam Sangeet Foundation in Gujarat to promote musical presentation of Gujarati poems.
  7. Established annual awards for Poetry in Kapadwanj Taluka in the memory of late Renowned Poet Rajendra Shah, who was winner of National Literary Award (Gnanpeeth Award).
  8. Organized two concerts of his songs at Mumbai in 1986 and 2009 titled “Parab Tara Pani” and “Aambe Aavyaa Mhor” based on his songs and poems.
  9. Published four CDs of his songs, O Gori, Triveni Sangam, Aambe Aavyaa Mhor and Parab Tara Pani.
  10. Initiated Mrs. Suvarna D. Shah Poetry Festival at University of Florida to be arranged at every alternate year in which Gujarati poets from USA and India share their poems.
  11. Established a Foundation for higher education of students in Kapadwanj, his home town with endowment of $ 100,000 for Scholar ships and zero interest loans to needy students.