Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh O. Shah

PhD., 1965, Columbia University (1970)

    2012     Invited to present a keynote lecture at International Symposium on Surfactant in


    Honors and Awards

  • 2011 A road was named “International Scientist Dr. Dinesh O. Shah Road” in his home town, Kapadwanj, Gujarat, India to honor him for his life-long contributions to Education and Research to global community.

  • 2008 Founding Director of Shah-Schulman Centre for Surface Science and Nanotechnology, Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat, India

  • 2006 William Jones Outstanding Mentor Award, 2006

  • 2006 Elected as a Fellow by the Institute of Chemical Engineers of USA.

  • 2006 Visiting Professor, Universidad de Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela, September 17-24.

  • 2006 Plenary Speaker, 4th International Conference on Oils and Environment, AUZO Gdansk, Poland, June 20-23.

  • 2005 Best Paper of the Year Award from American Oil Chemists’ Society, USA.

  • 2005 Journal of Colloids and Surfaces, Issue of February 2005, published in honor of Dr. Dinesh O. Shah’s 65th birthday and his scientific contributions, edited by R. LeBlanc.

  • 2002 Perkin Elmer / R. Kumar Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award by IIChE for original contributions to Surface Science and Chemical Engineering, December 19-22.

  • 2002 Plenary Speaker, International Symposium on Interfaces Against Pollution – 2002, the 2nd IAP Conference, Budapest, Hungary, May 27-30.

  • 2002 Plenary Speaker, International Symposium on Recent Progress in Dispersed Systems, Calcutta, India, January 16-18.

  • 2001 Invited to serve as an Advisory Board Member by Chalmers University Catalysis Research Center, Gothenburg, Sweden (continuing at present).

  • 2000 Organized and hosted at the University of Florida a major international symposium on

  • Surfactants in Solution (SIS-2000) which was attended by over 500 researchers from
    all over

    the world.

  • 1999 Identified among the top one percent of the most frequently cited scientists in the world by the Institute of Scientific Information, U.K.

  • 1998 Plenary Speaker, International Symposium on Surfactants in Solutions, Stockholm, Sweden

  • 1997 Invited Speaker, ICI International Symposium, Oxford, UK

  • 1996 Member of Editorial Board of The Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (1996-1999)

  • 1996 Plenary Speaker, 4th World Surfactants Congress, Barcelona, Spain

  • 1996 Professional Excellence Program (PEP) Award, University of Florida

  • 1995 Organized and hosted an International Symposium on “Micelles, Microemulsions and Monolayers: Quarter Century Progress and New Horizons” at the University of Florida, which was attended by 300 researchers from 25 countries.

  • 1995 Invited to present a two-day intensive short course on foam making and foam breaking at the Procter & Gamble Research Centers in Cincinnati (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Newcastle (UK), Brussels (Belgium), Rome (Italy), Kobe (Japan), and Manila (Philippines)

  • 1993 Pride of India Award, (Swami Narayan Sanstha of USA)

  • 1993 Florida Distinguished Scientist of the Year Award (Medallist Award), Florida Academy of Sciences, Inc.

  • 1992 Received Vishwa Gurjari International Award for Outstanding Achievement, India

  • 1992 Florida Blue Key Distinguished Faculty Award, University of Florida

  • 1988 United Nations (UNIDO) Consultant to India for Pesticide Research Program

  • 1988 Florida Scientist of the Year Award, Museum of Science and Industry, Tampa, Florida.

  • 1985 President’s Medallion for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship, University of Florida.

  • 1985 Teacher/Scholar of the Year, University of Florida

  • 1984 Keynote Speaker, Meeting of the International Society for Contact Lenses Research, Cambridge, England

  • 1983 Invited to teach a short course on “Surfactants and Their Use in Enhanced Oil Recovery” at Imperial College, London

  • 1982 Perry Brothers – Mallinckrodt Award (Best paper presented at the annual scientific meeting), Society of Cosmetic Chemists, USA

  • 1981 Keynote Speaker, European Symposium on Enhanced Oil Recovery, Bournemouth, England

  • 1980 Outstanding Achievement Award, Federation of Asian Indians in North America

  • 1979 Visiting Professorship, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and the Institute of Energy Studies, Stanford University.

  • 1978 Best Paper Award Trophy, International congress of chemical Technology, Bombay, India

  • 1976 Outstanding Service Award, University of Florida.

  • 1975 President’s Scholar Award, University of Florida.

  • 1972 Excellence in Teaching Award, University of Florida